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Lindsay Howard 


Queenlin, BC-DMT, CKYT - RYT200 graduated from Drexel University with a Masters in Creative Arts Therapy - Dance Movement Therapy in 2013. She organizes with the Movement For Black Lives centering healing justice work and holding leadership in The Healers For Liberation Network. Her everyday clinical work focuses on combating the stigmas and "isms" of mental health wellness presented in black and brown communities and encouraging the development of safe spaces for people of color through trauma informed movement-yoga practice.


She is Director of community outreach, social media and activism with the Association of Afrocentric and Indigenous Healers and BAAD organization (Black African American Diaspora Dance Movement Therapist group). Along with being a Board Certified Dance Movement Therapist, Ms. Howard is a Certified Kemetic Yoga Teacher, Holistic Health and Wellness Consultant and Community Organizer in the Washington, D.C area. 



Her work invites us to understand how are mind-body are connected and how the mind and body influences the way we move in everyday life, we begin to understand how our bodies respond to triggers, we learn progressive ways to physically and mentally respond to traumatic experiences and we are able to utilize deep breathing, movement and yoga as positive ways to with everyday
life stressors. 


Visit the Healers For Liberation Network page to connect with our healing justice community:  


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